Is being sober boring? A look at life after addiction and alcoholism


Structuring one’s life to avoid crashing into this wall is a very high priority. At any point during recovery, you may struggle with finding enjoyment or sober fun, which can lead to thinking that boredom boredom drinking is inescapable. Or, after attempting to recapture the excitement and interest of activities that were previously pleasurable only to find them no longer appealing, it’s natural to become disappointed.

Once you take some time to imagine what you really want your life to look like, maybe create a vision board. For a vision board, you can use images or even words that illustrate your dreams. For example, if you want to travel to a certain area of the world, put pictures of that place on your vision board. If you want to spend more time with family, put pictures of your own family and also families engaged in fun activities on your board. Will eating salads and drinking water make your boredom go away?

How Quickly Does The Liver Heal After You Quit Drinking?

You can write out every irrational, troubling, or positive experience. Journaling allows us to go back and reread to examine our thoughts from a fresh perspective. Sobriety is not boring with so many places to go and see.

Let’s learn why boredom is the enemy and what you can do to squash it. In addition to these types of activities, engaging in creative activities is helpful to relieve being sober and bored. From painting to coloring and DIY home decorating and gardens, being creative can do a lot to relieve boredom. It may take some time and effort to find out what you really enjoy doing, but it’s worth it. Your new friends might also be able to be of help with suggesting or providing healthy and interesting activities.

Life After Addiction

The setting, working on and achieving goals is practiced by (almost) all successful people. Boredom is a part of life, but it can be easily overcome. Try having a conversation with a drunk and you’ll know exactly what I mean. If I buy those products and I use them, the marketing has served its purpose. I feel good about my buying decision and the product has added value to my life. Because I’ve experienced riding a motorcycle and I know it’s true.

There are so many daytime activities that you can participate in. There is an entire daytime world of experiences waiting for discovery. Being sober does not mean you are “boring.” What you will discover is that sobriety isn’t so much boring, but there is a lot of time extra time that needs to be filled. Sobriety is not boring, here are a few things you can do to fill in all your new-found free time. If you’ve ever spoken to past addicts, they will all tell you that life much better without blackouts, physical and emotional agony, triggers, and unbearable withdrawal symptoms. Uprooting a belief system that’s upheld by the market and convention is hard work—especially when ceasing to drink and doing drugs means challenging that “cool girl” image.

What to Do When You’re Sober and Bored

There are people who don’t want to hang out with me since I’ve quit drinking. Here are a few ideas to help overcome boredom in sobriety. The main thing that newcomers get hung up on in the 12-step programs is the need for the recoveree to have a higher power.

  • Whatever the activity you engage in, being consistent is key to your success.
  • It all felt normal, even the terrible parts like awful hangovers and hangxiety.
  • Sobriety is fun when you spice it up with something new.
  • Talking to a mental health professional about why you’re feeling bored and ways to cope can also be beneficial.

Overcoming boredom in addiction recovery is not an easy task. It is a skill that takes effort over a long period of time to act and react to the challenges of recovery. When use ends, everyday actions seem much less rewarding and exciting due to the lower dopamine levels.

If you want to access my free video training on how to make stopping drinking effortless and enjoyable, click here. If you are thinking about writing a schedule, one of the best ways to do it is in the evening. Write down all the things you have to do the next day, and write down the time for each activity. For that reason, setting goals is a great way to start building that amazing, sober life. People often say they drink alcohol to “relieve boredom”. Being bored after quitting drinking is easily overcome.

  • If you find yourself getting bored in your recovery journey, especially after years in the process, these tips are for you.
  • It isn’t enough to merely want to be sober—you must actively carve out a new sober lifestyle.
  • Many people use drugs because they want to feel high and they want to experience an adrenaline rush.
  • Learn to think about fun and pleasure in a whole new way, and this will go a long way toward preventing a relapse.
  • But also, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and get involved in activities around your community.

The decision to change these emotions is a good thing, whereas with boredom we almost feel embarrassed that we’re bored as if it’s something we shouldn’t be feeling. Anyone determined to maintain long-term recovery learns how to structure their life so that the positive influences outweigh the negative ones. And one of the vital ways to keep things positive is preventing boredom from weighing you down. It’s important to note that asking “is being sober boring?

But I’m going to explore solutions for people who sit at various points along the “sobriety is so boring” spectrum. My social circle changed when I got sober because I realized that many of my relationships were based on getting drunk together, and that was it. It’s hard to fill that time, especially when dealing with alcohol cravings and triggers. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of happiness, well-being, and pleasure. It’s also responsible for moderating moods and emotions. Serotonin depletion can cause major mood swings and feelings of sadness, anxiety, and irritability.

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