What Is Offshore Software Development Outsourcing?


One that has made over 10,000+ digital products across a number of industries. The benefits and the types of companies that are most likely to be on the receiving end, which we covered just now, can only be achieved when you hire the best offshore developers. One wrong move there, and you might end up increasing the deadline and spending a lot more than the stipulated amount. Outsourcing is generally ideal for short-term projects where you need an app without constant iterations and delivery. In case of offshoring, you build in developers to create long-term or complex projects. This would help in making excellent software which can simplify the work modules.

offshore software development

Not to mention that there are cultural differences that need to be considered. Offshore software development has seen a lot of growth in recent years. But before deciding for sure, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing software development projects overseas. Besides the direct cost implicated in building the software, there are other factors that may determine how much you’ll be paying for offshore software development services. When you offshore software developers in a country with a lower cost of living, you enjoy the immediate benefit of lower development costs without compromising on quality. And again, the demand for offshore software development is expected to grow in the coming years.

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Offshoring development, especially software development, has taken the world by storm. It’s a highly cost-effective way for companies to receive custom software products in record time. The possibility of reaching out to highly skilled software developers while saving some production costs is the essence of IT…

Besides development, the software also needs a thorough quality testing process so as to ensure it is prepared to launch. The offshore team can also conduct all the required manual and automated testing procedures for the softwares. There is no confined process to get an outsource software development.

Price Difference Between Freelancers and Software Development Companies

Clearly, it makes good financial and business sense to seek outside expertise in software development. And although it might seem difficult, offshore software development is not as scary, provided you plan properly, and understand the risks involved. Carefully define your project, choose the best offshore development partner, and make use of best practices to keep work transparent, communication easy, and the project coordinated.

Bestyn includes posts sharing, private chats, stories and built-in editor for their creation, tools for promoting local businesses. New technological capabilities lead to launching of new business products https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ and distributing technologies, which are directly connected with business growth. To achieve the greatest possible product release, quality engineers will play a critical role in this process.

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We architect and deliver web and mobile projects, from choosing the right technology and UX design to regular software maintenance and support. Altamira is your professional technical partner who will guide you through the software development journey. As an offshore development company, ‌we offer‌ ‌services‌ ‌that spread AI throughout your entire company, disseminating its benefits to every department, leaving no stone unturned. Consider collaborating with Saigon Technology, an offshore development company located in the Pacific-Asia region, to optimize your business processes and improve operational efficiency. When hiring offshore, you can get different time zones to operate with, which may cause delays in the development and launching process.

  • Startups gain various benefits from software offshore outsourcing, including cost reduction and a shorter time to market.
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  • Today, you can hire
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    any reviews.
  • Quickly expand your in-house team or create a new one by getting access to our talent pool of skilled developers.
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However, we suggest our clients to get in touch with us and get the initial analysis of the project and its estimation absolutely for free. Development services of unmatched quality and build reliable & transparent cooperation. A. You can sign an NDA before even getting on the first call with the team to ensure that they don’t share your idea with someone else. Another thing which you can do is have a contract that ensures your IP rights and codes will be handed over once the project ends. However, all the challenges can be eliminated with proper team management.

Offshore Software Development in Eastern Europe in 2023

There could be a language barrier issue and time zone difference which again causes a communication gap. To solve this problem, a representative is required who can be proficient in a common language and can be answerable whenever required. You can also seek the best and most creative design for mobile apps, websites, and web applications. Either get designing services from scratch, or modifications, or thorough transformations of the user interface of the app or web.

offshore software development

While offshore software outsourcing does bring substantial benefits, there are also some drawbacks. Building a  startup is a tedious juggling act and offshoring accords the co-founders to spend more time on core-functionalities. Instead of dabbling with programming or picking up new IT skills, the founding team can dedicate their effort on marketing, PR, and make ample preparation for the product launch.

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Contact us to get a consultation on all questions related to offshore software development you may have. You are hiring an offshore software development company from a different country so it is better if you keep the cultural differences to a minimum. These companies generally hire offshore software development companies from countries that have budget-friendly rates to get the work done without any compromise plus at affordable rates. Offshore software development is a very common term in the IT industry. It can be said that when a software development company itself hires a third party in order to complete the client’s need or to discover more talented developers.

Typically, these countries are (among others) Ukraine, Poland, and India. China is the largest software development market in the world, with revenues of over $1.2 trillion generated in 2020. Every single year, the country sees a growth rate of around 16%, and custom software development companies in China employ over 7 million software engineers. As already mentioned, most companies do not have the tech knowledge needed to develop or even run software and apps. Custom offshore software development companies step in to help by focusing solely on the needs of the business.

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Vendor selection is a critical step to ensure the quality and security of your outsourced project. You can ask for recommendations or go to review platforms to have a list of vendors, then investigate their ability, trustworthiness, and suitability to select the right one. Choosing an appropriate offshore offshore software development location will impact your offshore project in terms of costs and stability in the long term. For example, if you realize that your software project may last for years and your biggest goal is to reduce cost, you should consider an ODC vendor in stable and low-cost regions like Southeast Asia.

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